The Rock

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The Rock

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Custom army board showcasing the Rock in space. Bristling with guns and medieval turrets, and ruins from a mysterious past. This is the largest project I've ever undertaken. I finished the project before starting this post, but then found the board was impossible to transport so I set out to re-build it better than ever. I started out by making the larger pieces modular, then I added plaster of paris to smooth out some of the grainy foam. Next I did a dark brown undertone base for the earthy recesses, followed by a dark gray base to give the color of rock. Next I highlighted with some lighter grays & browns on the raised surfaces. Finally, I dry-brushed with a very light gray to make the rocky edges stand out.

There was an assortment of models used in this production - from the Fortress of Redemption to custom statues and eagle miniatures, it took a lot of investment, time & patience. Hope you enjoy!

Project Updates

100% Complete!

Finished up layering & put the pieces back together!

80% Rock drybrush

Basecoat of black. Light layer of dark brown in crevices, now drybrush of light gray. Start on the big rocks and then blend in as your brush dries

71% Plaster of Paris

Applied plaster of Paris to cover up foam better and solidify sections.

71% Tearing down to modularize

Unfortunately this was impossible to transport. Breaking apart so i can rebuild in a modular fashion.

68% Mostly done!

Need to add some detail to the rock, and some more towers in a few places, but I'm mostly done this bastion of power!

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Jonathan OBrien

Country: United States

State: New Hampshire

Games: 40k, 30k, AoS, SpaceHulk, Generic

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