Painting miniatures for the Fortress

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Painting miniatures for the Fortress

Game System: Warhammer Quest: Blackstone Fortress

Painting all of the miniatures that came with the box, most of them with the standard color scheme.

Project Updates

39% Spindle Drones and Traitor Marines done!

Completed the drones and marines.

25% Traitor Guardsmen Squad alpha and Ur ghuls done!

Primed, base coated drybrushed then washed with several colors.

Linked Collection Photos:

Ur Ghul (Ur Ghul)
Amallyn Shadowguide (Asuryani Ranger)
Squad Alpha (Traitor Guardsmen)
Chaos Space Marines (Chaos Twins)
Obsidius Malex (Obsidius Malex)
Spindle Drones (Spindle Drones)

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Nicholas Boutwell

Country: United States

State: Alabama

Games: GangsOfC, Kill Team, Blackstone Fortress, 40k

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