Lord Filthy's Weeping Legion Vectorium

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Lord Filthy's Weeping Legion Vectorium

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Lord Felthius and his Tainted Cohort leading a small Deathguard force. The backbone of the army is the Dark Imperium box set and I've purchased a number of the Easy to Build Sets, Typhus, box of Blightlord Terminators and a couple of characters to expand.

Project Updates

15% LoC Primed

Again in Necrotic Flesh.

14% Malignant Plaguecaster Primed

In Necrotic Flesh.

13% Noxious Blightbringer Primed

Necrotic Flesh.

12% Foetid Bloat-Drone

Primed in Necrotic Flesh. (pic is over saturated)

11% Mephitic Blight-Haulers Primed

Primed with Necrotic Flesh, two currently built and primed third is primed needing built.

10% PoxWalkers 75%

Primed Crusader Sand, all colours bar silver which was a paint pen carried out by washes and glazes as a test.

8% Plague Marines 01

Squad One, primed in Crusader Sand on two trial marines before re-priming rest of squad in Necrotic Flesh.

6% Primed Tainted Cohort

Originally primed in Crusader Sand based on the trial miniatures and Lord Filthy I re-primed with Army Painter Necrotic Flesh.

5% Basecoat & Highlights Filthy

Use of washes and glazes for a lot of the colour, highlighted using a different paints such as GW's Skarsnik Green and Screaming Skull and Army Painters Army Green.

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Lewis Neilson

Country: United Kingdom

Region: Scotland

Games: 40k

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