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Jun 08, 2020

Jun 08, 2020

Jan 22, 2018

Angels of Absolution army

Angels of absolution army with a custom land raider crusader. Dreadnought style multi-melta is positioned at the fire, with a sponsor mounted assault cannon for better anti infantry agility. Custom green lights are drilled into the body.
Jan 24, 2018

The Rock

Custom army board showcasing the Rock in space. Bristling with guns and medieval turrets, and ruins from a mysterious past. This is the largest project I've ever undertaken. I finished the project before starting this post, but then found the board w...read more

Aug 04, 2019


First attempt.
Jul 29, 2019

Started a union infantry regiment

I purchased the Box set of the American Civil War for Black Powder and this project is going to be huge! Almost 200 miniatures to paint with terrain.
Jul 29, 2019

D&D Shambling Mound

I just finished painting the Shambling Mound miniature for my D&D group. I used Army Painter primer, paints, washes, and primer for the first time and they are pretty good
Apr 21, 2019

Painting miniatures for the Fortress

Painting all of the miniatures that came with the box, most of them with the standard color scheme.
Apr 20, 2019

Lord Filthy's Weeping Legion Vectorium

Lord Felthius and his Tainted Cohort leading a small Deathguard force. The backbone of the army is the Dark Imperium box set and I've purchased a number of the Easy to Build Sets, Typhus, box of Blightlord Terminators and a couple of characters to ex...read more

Apr 17, 2019

Painting Competition

Entry for the April Painting Competition - Knight Warden, House Taranis
Mar 30, 2019


Mar 24, 2019


Proxy of a Tantalus
Mar 24, 2019

Aeldari dice chest

A chest that will, when done, hold 24 mini d6s. As of now its only big enough to hold about maybe 6 but they get stuck so needs to be scaled upwards quite a bit.
Mar 22, 2019

Order of the Argent Rose

Sisters of Battle army, Order of the Argent Rose
Mar 21, 2019

Silver Skulls Primaris Space Marines

Dark Imperium starter set plus multipart Aggressors. Based on Sector Mechanicus bases (never again!).
Mar 21, 2019

Silver Skull Easy to Build

Easy build sets: Intercessors x2, Reivers x2, Redemptor Dreadnought and Aggressors. From a combination of First Strike, Conquest magazine and box purchases.
Mar 21, 2019

Silver Skulls Redemptor Dreadnought

Multi-part Dread with custom base.
Mar 21, 2019

Thousand Sons Tzaangor Horde

50 mini's to complete for 2k games
Mar 19, 2019

Host of Angels

Blood Angels Legion featuring all Legion Specific units and most LA infantry units as well as some vehicles and Dreads.

I’m keen for any feedback but I’m particularly interested in any tips for speeding up the process, my painting time is limi...read more

Mar 19, 2019

Daemon Prince

Custom Daemon Prince of Nurgle
Mar 18, 2019

Ultramarines project

Work on my ultramarines army.