May Tournament

Basic Information

May Tournament

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Event Type: Tournament

Match Type: Matched Play

Max Signups: 10

Date: May 04, 2019

Time of check-in.: 09:00

Country: United States

State: New Hampshire

City: Concord

Address or Venue: Collectibles Unlimited, 25 South St

Description: Singles tournament at Collectibles Unlimited. $5 buy in. Bonus $60 in the pot by organizer. Max 10 people. If 10 people attend: 1st prize - $60, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize $15, last place $5. Bonus separate $10 prize for best painted army.

**You must create your list via Game Fortress to qualify for bonus $60 in your prize. List must not be copy/pasted from another source. We will be able to help you get your list setup before the event if you come early with your codex.**

We will be using matched play rules, 2000pt lists. 3 rounds of play.

**Please note we will be allowing 25% sideboards or 500 points as an optional component.**
A sideboard can be swapped out with a part of your list of equal or greater points. After the swap, the overall army list must still be legal. So for example, if your sideboard contains 3 elite choices, it must either be swapped into an existing detachment with space for 3 elites, or you must also take an HQ in the sideboard to make the sideboard a vanguard detachment.

In addition to the core 8th edition rules, the Matched Play Rules in Chapter Approved 2018 (page 47), and the most recent FaQs and Errata, the ‘Beta’ rules in The Big FAQ 2, will be in effect for the tournament.
Summarized for convenience:
o Tactical Reserves: No Reserves on Turn One and no more than half the point value of your army in Reserves.
o Prepared Positions: 2CP Stratagem granting benefits of cover to player going second during Turn One.
o Tactical Restraint: May only gain/have refunded 1CP per Battle Round, maximum, regardless of source.

Event Format

Scenario Settings

Points Limit: 2000

Sideboard Allowed:

A sideboard is a portion of your army, up to a certain percent, that can be swapped in or out with another portion of your army of equal or greater value. You must swap in the entire sideboard, you cannot pick only individual units from it. This is done before the start of each game, after looking at the opponent's list. This allows players more options and helps to prevent matchups where a player has no fighting chance. After the swap a player's army list must still meet any event requirements. It is recommended that no more than 5 minutes is allowed to swap units in/out, to prevent delays.

Sideboard Percent: 25%

Sideboard Points: 500

Number of Phases: 1

Phase 1

Pair by: swissPair

Time Limit for each Round: 150 minutes

Date of Phase 05-04-2019

Time of start: 09:30

Round 1:

Mission: Adepticon Mission 2

Deployment: Custom

Round 2:

Mission: Adepticon Mission 3

Deployment: Custom

Round 3:

Mission: Adepticon Mission 4

Deployment: Custom

Custom Rules

Custom rules allow us to personalize our games, make them more exciting, and fix any breaches of balance that creep up in our meta. These rules are unofficial, crowd sourced, and not affiliated with any game manufacturer. That being said you have the ability to make them standard within your own games by trying them out and allowing attendees to vote on their use.

GW 40k Big FAQ

Big FAQ2 

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Fallen Simple Fix

  • Cypher
    • Special Rule: Can enter any transport with the imperium or chaos faction
  • Fallen Rhino (new unit)
    • Use the Rhino datasheet from Codex Chaos Space Marines
    • Replace the 'Heretic Astartes' keyword with the 'Fallen' keyword

These changes make the Fallen units playable in a competitive setting by allowing them movement options besides running on foot. Before the changes they performed okay, but without a real role - excelling neither as a backfield unit (due to having only 1 heavy weapon and being on the expensive side), nor as a forward hitting unit (with no means of getting across a 4x6' table without enduring 2-3 rounds of shooting)

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Salamanders Chapter Update

When selecting weapon upgrades for any unit with the 'Salamanders' keyword

  • Add hand-flamer to pistol weapons list when a unit has the Salamanders keyword
  • Add heavy flamer to heavy weapons list when a unit has the Salamanders keyword

Note that this will only affect units that can already choose from the pistols & heavy weapons lists.

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Simple Fixes

  • Land Raider Excelsior
    • Combi-plasma upgrade: When supercharged, on a hit roll of 1 the vehicle suffers 1 mortal wound (the land raider does not die)
  • Company Ancient & Chapter Ancient (from any codex)
    • May replace weapon with items from the special weapons & melee weapons lists (in addition to combi-weapons)
  • Apothecary
    • May replace bolt pistol with one item from the pistols, special weapons, combi-weapons or melee weapons lists

These changes make obvious fixes and allow command squad characters to carry the same weapons they were allowed to in 7th edition - so that people do not have to remodel. Furthermore, these characters represent the veterans of the chapter with decades or centuries more experience than their peers. They should be able to possess the variety of arms of their brothers.

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