March and April Painting Competition

Basic Information

March and April Painting Competition

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Event Type: Painting Competition

Max Signups: 25

Event start (you may begin painting before): Mar 06, 2019

Time of opening: 18:00

Number of days to complete: 56

Country: United States

Description: This does not have to be a new model painted in April 2019. Use old masterpieces if desired! Just has to be built & painted by you (not a commission piece).

See second image for rules guidelines. We will be using the Adepticon painting guide as a baseline for judging points. In case of a tie, decision will be left to judge. Winner will be awarded $15 (can be sent via PayPal, Skype, or Facebook - judge will contact winner for details)

Event Format

Painting Requirements

Item to be painted: Single Miniature

Can this work have been used in other competitions or must this be the first time? Any Project

Original work only? Original Work