UOAccess Setup

Basic Information

UOAccess Setup

Game System: Dungeons & Dragons

Event Type: Single Game

Max Signups: 100

Date: Jul 04, 2020

Time of opening: 00:00

Country: United States

State: New York

Description: This is a test event for my Ultima Online Server - UOAccess

Event Format

Scenario Settings

Custom Rules

Custom rules allow us to personalize our games, make them more exciting, and fix any breaches of balance that creep up in our meta. These rules are unofficial, crowd sourced, and not affiliated with any game manufacturer. That being said you have the ability to make them standard within your own games by trying them out and allowing attendees to vote on their use.

No Political or Religious Talk

We will not tolerate any Political or Religious talk in Public Areas or Chat. Keep it in Private Chat Please

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