Monthly Painting Competition - Mar 2018

Basic Information

Monthly Painting Competition - Mar 2018

Game System: Any game system

Event Type: Painting Competition

Event start (you may begin painting before): Mar 01, 2018

Time of opening: 12:00

Number of days to complete: 30

Country: United States

Description: Our monthly painting competition! Submit a single miniature, from any supported tabletop game. This must be original work - painted by you. Submit entries before the end of March.Winner will be highlighted on the site homepage, and will receive a bonus 3 months free in credit.Winner will be selected based on a combination of creativity, completeness and skill with painting technique.

Event Format

Painting Requirements

Item to be painted: Single Miniature

Can this work have been used in other competitions or must this be the first time? Any Project

Original work only? Original Work