Basic Information

Collectibles Unlimited 650 Tournament

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Event Type: Tournament

Match Type: Matched Play

Date: May 08, 2018

Time of check-in.: 18:00

Country: United States

State: New Hampshire

Address or Venue: Collectibles Unlimited

Description: Free entry and a $ 50 prize pool for this month's 650 tournament supported by Game Fortress.

To qualify you must sign up for Game Fortress at

We will be using beta rules so everyone knows: No deepstrike outside your deployment zone on turn 1. No more then 3 of any data sheet unless it is troops or transport.

As usual for our 650 Tournament you are restricted to 1 detachment and no super-heavies. However patrol detachments will award you with 1 command point.

Event Format

Scenario Settings

Points Limit: 650

Number of Phases: 1

Phase 1

Pair by: swissPair

Time Limit for each Round: 60 minutes

Date of Phase 05-08-2018

Time of start: 18:00

Round 1:

Round 2:

Round 3: