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Branson, MOFri, Jun 12 at 09:00am

Branson Brawl

Concord, NHTue, Feb 18 at 06:00pm

February 650

Concord, NHTue, Jan 21 at 06:00pm

January 650

Stroudburg, PASep 02, 2019

Miniature Monday @ The Edge

This is our Monday evening get together for Kill Team. Open to new players and veterans alike.
, NoneSun, Mar 01 at 06:00pm

April & May Painting Competition

A 40k squad of minis. Painted it at any period of time now or in past. Painted by you, not a commission piece. prize to winner - to be paid via PayPal.
Concord, NHMay 14, 2019

May 650

Concord, NHApr 09, 2019

April 650

Welcome back to our 650 Tournaments!
, NoMar 20, 2019


Concord, NHMay 04, 2019

May Tournament

Singles tournament at Collectibles Unlimited. $5 buy in. Bonus $60 in the pot by organizer. Max 10 people. If 10 people attend: 1st prize - $60, 2nd prize $30, 3rd prize $15, last place $5. Bonus separate $10 prize for best painted army.

**You must more

, NoMar 06, 2019

March and April Painting Competition

This does not have to be a new model painted in April 2019. Use old masterpieces if desired! Just has to be built & painted by you (not a commission piece).

See second image for rules guidelines. We will be using the Adepticon painting guide as a more

, NHJun 12, 2018

June 650

, NHMay 19, 2018

Collectibles Unlimited & Game Fortress 1000 Points

Free entry and additional $100 prize pool for this month's 1000 tournament supported by Game Fortress.

To qualify you must sign up for Game Fortress at

You must also create your list through Game Fortress to more

, NHMay 08, 2018

Collectibles Unlimited 650 Tournament

Free entry and a $ 50 prize pool for this month's 650 tournament supported by Game Fortress.

To qualify you must sign up for Game Fortress at

We will be using beta rules so everyone knows: No deepstrike outside more

Mar 01, 2018

Monthly Painting Competition - Mar 2018

Our monthly painting competition! Submit a single miniature, from any supported tabletop game. This must be original work - painted by you. Submit entries before the end of March.Winner will be highlighted on the site homepage, and will receive a more