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Game System: Warhammer 40k

Custom Rules: Primarch of the Death Guard: You may re-roll failed hit rolls of 1 made for friendly DEATH GUARD units within 7" of Mortarion.Host of Plagues: Roll a dice for each enemy unit that is within 7" of Mortarion at the start of the Fight phase and consult Mortarion’s damage chart; if the roll equals or exceeds the required value, the unit being rolled for suffers D3 mortal wounds.Toxic Presence: Enemy units within 7" of Mortarion must subtract 1 from their Toughness characteristicThe Barbaran Plate: Mortarion has a 4+ invulnerable save.Putrid Demise: When Mortarion loses his last wound (after failing his Disgustingly Resilient roll), roll a dice before removing the model from the battlefield; on a 4+ he explodes, showering all nearby in putrid filth and disease – each unit within 7" suffers D3 mortal wounds unless it has the NURGLE keyword. pyschit 1 BLADES OF PUTREFACTION 2 PLAGUE WIND warlord tairts Archcontaminator

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