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demon prince of nurgle

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Custom Rules: When you include a Daemon Prince in your army, you must choose which of the four Chaos Gods it owes its allegiance to: KHORNE, TZEENTCH, NURGLE or SLAANESH. It then gains the appropriate keyword. You can re-roll hit rolls of 1 made for friendly <LEGION> units within 6" of this model. This ability also affects friendly DAEMON units within 6", but only if they owe their allegiance to the same Chaos God e.g. KHORNE DAEMON units are only affected by KHORNE Daemon Princes.A Daemon Prince of KHORNE increases its Attacks characteristic by 1.This model has a 5+ invulnerable save.

Custom Weapons: warp bolter
Bubotic Axe
malefic talons

Custom Upgrade Options: wings add 12 inc to move

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