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Templars Chapter Update

Game System: Warhammer 40k

These updates add some flavor to the Black Templars faction and allow it to play in a way similar to when it possessed its own codex pre 6th edition.

  • Holy bones
    • Upgrade for a Crusader Squad, Assault Squad, Terminator Squad, Terminator Assault Squad, or Vanguard Veteran squad.
    • Only one unit in the player's army may be upgraded
    • +100pts or +5 power level to the upgraded unit
    • Once per game during any player turn, during any phase, and at any point during the phase, 'reveal' the holy bones relic by placing an appropriately modeled 40mm based model within 1in of a model chosen at that time from the unit with the upgrade. The relic and its effects (below) remain in play for the remainder of the game. The relic counter cannot be moved for the remainder of the game.
    • If the upgraded unit is destroyed before the relic is 'revealed', the relic remains out of play and is never revealed.
    • However, if any enemy models come within 3in of the center of the counter after it is revealed, the relic is removed from play and any effects immediately cease. If this happens in a matched play game utilizing Victory Points, the enemy immediately scores 1 Victory Point for capturing the relic, in addition to any standard VPs from that mission.
    • Any friendly Black Templar, infantry model wholly within 7in of the center of this counter receives +3 attack, +2 leadership to their base statline. In addition, when these affected models shoot pistol, rapid fire or assault weapons, double the number of shots fired on the weapon's profile but subtract 1 from all to hit rolls. So for example, a bolter becomes rapid fire 2, a storm bolter rapid fire 4, a plasma pistol becomes pistol 2, and a flamer Assault 2D6 - but these weapons are fired at -1 to hit (so a roll of a 3 becomes a 2). 
    • Note that models shooting heavy weapons do not have their shots affected
    • Weapons that automatically hit still automatically hit and ignore the -1 modifier (eg. flamers)
    • Note that after the relic is revealed it affects any infantry model with the Black Templar keyword, not just the upgraded unit.
    • This rule represents the increased aggression and decreased fire discipline as Templars frantically protect a holy relic of the Chapter in the face of the enemy.
  • Crusader Squad
    • Zeal: If the Crusader Squad unit includes 20 or more models during the pre-game phase (when you are building your army list - benefit cannot be lost in game):
      • One additional initiate may be upgraded to a Sword Brother.
      • At the end of an enemy psychic or shooting phase, if this unit has lost 1 or more models & was not embarked on a transport at the start of that phase, you must move them D6+1 inches towards the closest enemy model. If any model from the Crusader squad ends up within 1in of that enemy model, the squad counts as having completed an out of sequence charge during the following enemy charge phase. The Crusader squad will strike first and fight just as if it were their own fight phase, even though it is the opposing player's turn.
      • The unit may never embark on a transport before or during the game.
      • Any Sword Brother may take (1) Orb of Antioch +20pts: 
        • Range 8in, Assault D6+1, S5, AP -2, Damage 1. 
        • If the weapon makes any successful wound roll (whether it is saved or not), the wounded unit receives 3 mortal wounds, in addition to any other damage. 
        • This weapon may only be used once.
    • If any of these options are used in narrative play - you must add +2 Power Level to the unit before play.

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