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GW 40k Big FAQ

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Templars Chapter Update

These updates add some flavor to the Black Templars faction and allow it to play in a way similar to when it possessed its own codex pre 6th edition.
Holy bonesUpgrade for a Crusader Squad, Assault Squad, Terminator Squad, Terminator Assault Squad,&...read more

Fallen Full Codex

These changes completely rewrite the way the Fallen faction plays, giving their models the connection to the fictional narrative they deserve, and a unique, competitive play-style. This enables collectors to be rewarded for putting the work into...read more

Simple Fixes

Land Raider ExcelsiorCombi-plasma upgrade: When supercharged, on a hit roll of 1 the vehicle suffers 1 mortal wound (the land raider does not die)Company Ancient & Chapter Ancient (from any codex)May replace weapon with items from the special we...read more

Fallen Simple Fix

CypherSpecial Rule: Can enter any transport with the imperium or chaos factionFallen Rhino (new unit)Use the Rhino datasheet from Codex Chaos Space MarinesReplace the 'Heretic Astartes' keyword with the 'Fallen' keyword
These changes make the F...read more

Salamanders Chapter Update

When selecting weapon upgrades for any unit with the 'Salamanders' keywordAdd hand-flamer to pistol weapons list when a unit has the Salamanders keywordAdd heavy flamer to heavy weapons list when a unit has the Salamanders keywordNote that this ...read more