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Fri, Jun 07 at 03:32pm

Sicaran Tank

Thu, Apr 25 at 05:24pm

Spindle Drones

Thu, Apr 25 at 05:20pm

Obsidius Malex

Thu, Apr 25 at 05:14pm

Chaos Space Marines

Tue, Apr 23 at 07:47am

Squad Alpha

Mon, Apr 22 at 07:41am

Amallyn Shadowguide

Mon, Apr 22 at 07:40am

Ur Ghul

Thu, Apr 18 at 08:35pm

Squad 2

Wed, Apr 17 at 05:38pm

Champion Otuel

Mon, Mar 25 at 04:42pm

Honoratus Proelia

Mon, Mar 25 at 04:34pm

Furia Fidelum

Mon, Mar 25 at 04:31pm

Spicum (WIP)

Mon, Mar 25 at 04:26pm

Sagitta (WIP)

Sun, Mar 24 at 03:13pm

Assault Squad Beregravian

Sun, Mar 24 at 03:11pm

Crusader Squad Adelard

Sun, Mar 24 at 03:09pm

Emperor’s Champion Bayard

Sun, Mar 24 at 03:07pm

Chaplain Grimaldus

Sun, Mar 24 at 03:05pm

Sword Brethren Jurisian

Thu, Mar 21 at 04:02pm

Squad 1

Tue, Mar 19 at 03:37pm

Grand Master Voldus

Tue, Mar 19 at 03:15pm

Captain Tarrax

Tue, Mar 19 at 02:23am

Daemon Prince of Nurgle

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:49am

Special Weapons Squad Meltagun

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:46am

Platoon Commander OBrien

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:43am

Infantry Squad Get Some

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:39am

Company Commander Chesty

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:33am

Speeder Justus

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:30am

Speeder Squadron Skyshield

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:25am

Battle Tank Plasma

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:22am

Battle Tank Punisher

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:12am

Scout Squad Romanus

Mon, Mar 18 at 10:06am

Survivors of the Swarm

Mon, Mar 18 at 09:58am

Talon 2 - Lascannons

Mon, Mar 18 at 09:51am

Talon 1 - Skyhammer

Mar 21, 2018

DA Drop Pod

Mar 21, 2018

Darkshroud Vincent

Mar 15, 2018

Apothecary Raguel