Master Seraphim's Armor

Unit Basics

Master Seraphim's Armor

Archangel Class Super Heavy Tank

Game System: Warhammer 40k

Factions: Adeptus Astartes, Dark Angels, Imperium


Number of Models: 1

Upgrades: Lascannon: 25, Lascannon: 25, Lascannon: 25, Lascannon: 25, Twin Heavy Bolter: 17, Twin Heavy Bolter: 17, Demolisher Cannon: 40, Plasma Cannon: 21, Executioner Plasma Cannon: 35, Executioner Plasma Cannon: 35, Twin Heavy Bolter: 17, Plasma Macro Cannon: 0

Custom Statline:


Custom Rules:
Explodes, Steel Behemoth, Smoke Launchers
See Codex Astra Militarum Baneblade Tank entry for rules

Supercharged plasma weapons. Player may choose to super charge any of the tank's weapons with "Plasma" in the profile. When doing so, increase the damage characteristic by 1, but the tank takes a single mortal wound for every 1 rolled to hit after supercharging.

Remaining Wounds, M, BS, A
14-26, 10in, 3+, 9
7-13, 7in, 4+, 6
1-6, 4in, 5+, 3

Custom Weapons:
Plasma Macro Cannon
Range 36" Heavy 2D6 Strength 8 AP -3 Damage 3


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