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Record 1 on 1 matches

Posted Jul 20, 2019 by: Jonathan

This short video shows you how to record your 1 on 1 matches and gain access to your gaming history, stats and more.

New How-To Videos: Collection, Lists, Leagues

Posted Apr 28, 2019 by: JonathanNew How-To Videos: Collection, Lists, Leagues

For help with organizing your collection, click here.

For a primer on army lists, click here

For an overview of leagues, click here

To view the whole playlist of videos click here:  How-To Videos Playlist

Demo for Tourney Organizers

Posted Mar 09, 2019 by: JonathanDemo for Tourney Organizers

In this video, we demo how a tournament organizer can create a multi-day event with swiss pairing and single elimination algorithms.

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