Major Updates Released

Posted Mar 02, 2019 by: Jonathan

March marks the release of a significant update for Game Fortress. We're very excited to announce these changes and look forward to any feedback from the community.

Payment & Free Tier

First off, the biggest change. All currently built functionality is now free! We want to give back to the community and provide an incentive for people to invite others,without worrying about money. In the future, as use of the app increases, we anticipate adding additional, paid-for functionality. This might include things like fully tracked and built out experiences for narrative campaigns and tools for more easily finding gamers in your geographic region.


We've built an open ended league system. This includes built in tracking for ITC events, & Game Fortress leagues, but more importantly - it allows you the hobbyist, or store owner, or event manager to create your own leagues! Keep these private or open them to the public. Add in restrictions & timelines optionally. As events are completed, points will be applied to the participants for the league after a short period of time. Members can then review their league history and view the leader-board for the league in the explore section.

Progressive Web App

This is a technical term for saying a website that behaves like an app. You can now pin the site on your home screen on your mobile device. What's more, resources used on the site will be cached to allow for fast performance even after moving onto low signal or slow wifi. How this works is when the site is first viewed, the web app is installed on your browser and caches certain resources. When you return to the site, your browser will use the local copies instead of pulling them down from the web. Finally, we've also built in a backup system of your collections, projects & lists so that you can view these even when you're offline! This should allow you to display your lists or show off project pictures during a game, even if you have no service.

List Building Improvements

We've made various changes to list & collection building to improve the experience. In particular, we've added an autolookup for upgrades to allow you to more easily find a matching cost for the upgrade you are trying to add to a unit. We've also patched the process for changing upgrade costs to perform better. This makes it so that when you have to change the cost for an upgrade for a particular faction, due say to a rules change, you can easily update costs across all your models & lists easily and in one place.

Finally, we've built tools to more easily add multiple units at once, copy units in your collection, and copy upgrades while editing a unit.

Event Management

Sporting not only swiss pair algorithms, but single and double elimination options - Game Fortress allows any user to run a complex event. We've also built in event online payment with tracking, all you need is a PayPal account.

Login Experience

We've revamped our login experience to give you the option of staying truly logged in on a single device. This method utilizes strongly encrypted cookies on your browser and info on our server to keep you from having to type in passwords.

Bug Fixes

In addition to the above, we've performed near countless bug fixes to improve the reliability of the app. These, being more mundane, we will not list out in entirety.

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