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How Game Fortress Can Help Your Store

Posted Mar 18, 2020 by: JonathanHow Game Fortress Can Help Your Store

Game Fortress is an application built firstly for hobbyists, how can it help my store? As a store owner, you may be focused on selling product & managing stock, but ensuring hobbyists have an exciting environment & enjoyable experience when they visit your store ensures customer loyalty & engagement. Loyalty and engagement in turn drive sales. can help in this regard by providing a common, game centered system, wherein players can share content and ideas, and organize games. You can ramp this up even further by taking the lead in organizing a league for your most popular game system, and offering a small reward (and a whole lot of hype and bragging rights) to your winner: Make gaming not only about a particular hobby, but a fun, friendly & competitive experience. 

Game Fortress allows you to create both tournament leagues, as well as one on one leagues. Confine results to those games that are played at your specific address. Do you have a TO at your store? Make them an admin on your league so they can help manage. 

Another way to excite patrons is to bring friendly competition to the arena of painting projects! Too often focus is entirely on dice rolling and not paint brushes. Often painters work in their homes & never get a chance to show off their projects. Give them an opportunity to show off their work, teach others their skills, and encourage others to buy models & try their hand at the work. You can do this by hosting painting events via Game Fortress. Encourage people to take photos of their submission online, and publish fair & straightforward rules for the grading of the event. If in doubt, use the rules from one of the popular gaming tournaments around the country (Adepticon, Nova etc). Unveil the winner *in store* (if possible) and encourage the top contenders to leave their models on display for a period of time. Use this to generate excitement & enthusiasm around the painting & modeling aspects of the hobby.

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