Battle Reports & New Domain

Posted Apr 27, 2019 by: JonathanBattle Reports & New Domain

We're excited to announce a number of new updates for the Game Fortress web app. Read below for more details:

  • For starters, we've got a new domain! We feel that better expresses what our site is about, especially as we prepare to launch our app in the Microsoft and Google Play app stores (Apple will come later). Note that your logins remain the same, but you may have to login to the app again due to the domain change.
  • Battle reports. We've added in new battle reports functionality. Now, whenever you're participating in an event you can create an exciting monument to your victory, or testament to a painful loss. To create a battle report, simply navigate to the public page for an event you attended after it has started or been completed. Click the battle reports link on the left hand navigation. Create a new battle report by entering a title and then uploading photos of your endeavors. Click the pencil icon on each photo to edit it and add a title explaining the context of the snapshot.
  • Share buttons. You will now find buttons that allow you to share content on various pages as you're exploring on mobile.
  • Clubs. You can now select a club name when signing up for an event. This shows locality & team support in event player results but is otherwise decorative. We will integrate it with league rankings eventually.
  • Various improvements to mobile, unit autolookup features, bug fixes in regard to like buttons and other functionality.

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