Posted Apr 03, 2018 by: JonathanAdepticon

What a great time we had at Adepticon this year! So many thousands of fellow hobbyists & gamers, exciting vendors, great models and fun competition!

I was lucky to be able to participate as both a vendor and a player. Tried my hand at the 40k championship and went 2 and 2, with 2 games maxed out and 2 games zeroed out :( It was quite the up and down. Had an interesting list that I would tweak if I could go back. I would replace my scions with conscripts or AM infantry squads, as I already had so many deep striking units that my scions had to start on the map! If you want to see my list, go here.

As a vendor I was able to talk to dozens of hobbyists, store owners, tournament runners & game producers. We're very excited about future opportunities to assist & partner with these people. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to say hi!

Since Adepticon, we've pushed a number of patches to the site to improve usability, fix bugs, and add features. Please login & give the site a try! Next up & soon to be released are features to support narrative campaign events, local league tracking, and further features for tournament support. Keep your eye out for further updates soon!

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