Privacy Policy

Game Fortress is committed to protecting your privacy. This page covers what our privacy policy entails, and will be updated from time to time.

We will not distribute any personal information collected to other companies or persons. We may collect data at signup, when filling out forms, when creating content on your workbench. This information will be used to improve your experience on this website & improve the products & tools Game Fortress offers. Passwords stored for login will be encrypted.

The email you have associated with your account may be used by GameFortress to contact you about events, or other notifications. Your full name, country, state/province of residence and email may be shared with other members.

All payment information is stored using PayPal's secure & encrypted systems. No credit card or bank info is stored on Game Fortress servers. When making payments, you will be redirected to, which will report back to Game Fortress when a transaction is completed. Any risk or liability for making online purchases is assumed by 

Do not share with other members personal information such as your password, personal email, credit card or anything else that could be compromising. This information will never be required on contact forms, comment areas, event descriptions, or other workbench items. Report any individuals requesting this information.

While our intent is to protect and maintain personal data such as photos, if there is an unusual growth of space allocation for a particular user - Game Fortress reserves the right to either compress this data, move it, or as a last resort remove it should conditions prove necessary. If any uploaded files appear malicious, containing a virus or worm etc., Game Fortress reserves the right to immediately remove them and at a minimum temporarily disable any associated member accounts. Note that other conditions apply to the storing of information - see the terms page for more info.

The Game Fortress Facebook app is currently only used for single sign on purposes - to make it easier for you to login without having to remember your password. To this end the website accesses your Facebook email. The Facebook app has access to public content from your profile. If FB app usage ever changes we will update this policy.

This site makes use of Google Analytics, which stores information about the number of visitors to the site, their geographic location etc. Certain additional pieces of information may be disclosed by google to the analytics service depending on your Google privacy and web browser settings. To opt out of analytics info see the following documentation:

  • Visitors can opt-out of the Google Analytics Advertising Features through Ads Settings, Ad Settings for mobile apps, or any other available means (for example, the NAI's consumer opt-out). You can also utilize Google Analytics' currently available opt-outs