Membership Details

Paid Membership

Paid membership features under development. We have exciting plans for new functionality in the future. All basic features are free at this time.

Free Membership

Included with just your free membership you gain access to a range of features to truly organize your hobby, interact & collaborate with friends, and host events. Below is a detailed list of additional features you will gain access to within each section of the site:

Workbench home

  • Pinboard of all your favorite collection items, projects, events and more. This allows you to save & organize items that inspire you from other people.
  • Summary of recent feedback on items you have made public

Projects & Works in Progress

  • Create projects to organize different hobby collections you're working on.
  • Post updates with photos as you make progress. Slide the percentage tracker to the right & be satisfied.
  • Make projects public when you're ready. Or need tips on a color scheme or conversion bits? Request input from the public - this will create a story on the explore area, allowing people to view your project and post feedback.

Collection Items

  • Catalog the miniatures in your collection. Don't know what you have sitting in storage containers in your basement? Catalog those items once & know what you have on hand for future games without having to continually rummage through your boxes.
  • Slowly completing multiple projects at once? Tie your miniatures to your projects & keep track of which are complete.
  • Easily search through your collection by game, number of points, faction.
  • Post pictures.
  • Save points & rules for each of your items. Customize upgrades used. Have multiples of the same unit? Save once for all.
  • Create custom rules for custom made miniatures & conversions. Use them in your games & open them up for public feedback.

Army Lists

  • Create lists for participating in events. These lists are composed of detachments of your collection items, but you can customize upgrades per unit - without having to edit your collection items.
  • Automatic calculation of total points, total power level, total # of models, total detachments, total command points and more.
  • Share, print & save lists.


  • Organize simple one on one events with friends
  • Administer painting competitions in your store
  • Create & manage tournaments
    • Collect entry payments online direct into your PayPal account
    • Select options for # of rounds
    • Automatic pairing each round using a swiss pairing algorithm. Or select matchups manually
    • Automatic calculation of total time needed based on time per round, breaks etc.
  • Incorporate in and collaborate on custom rules on an event by event basis
  • Tie events to leagues and track stats over the course of the year